If you wish Brighter Vision Technologies to repair your compromised site, you will need to agree to the following terms and conditions.

  • Brighter Vision Technologies has the right to decide, at our sole discretion, which sites we will repair. In no event will we repair sites that are illegal or that disseminate hate, pornographic, and/or any other illegal/unethical/reprehensible material. We will also not repair sites that are hosted by providers who have a reputation for misconfiguring their servers, thereby rendering the site likely to be hacked again.

  • Brighter Vision Technologies will prioritize site repairs such that those paying full price for services or clients who host with us will have their site repairs done first.

  • Those who host w/Brighter Vision Technologies & who purchase the Business Upgrade package as a yearly subscription will receive all hack repairs gratis. This will continue so long as the subscription is in force.

  • All repairs come with a 30-day money back refund if the compromise is not repaired. It is expected that site owners will follow instructions regarding strong passwords, keeping the site updated, using well-maintained 3rd-party software, etc. Failure to follow these instructions may result in the warranty being rendered void.

  • Site owners who have received notification that Brighter Vision Technologies will repair their compromised site will need to provide all information/credentials requested in a timely manner. If the information is not provided within three (3) days of the request, then we will assume you’re no longer interested in working with us, & we will move on to other sites requiring repair. Full payment of $200 via Paypal must accompany the requested information, unless other payment arrangements have been made beforehand.

  • One of Brighter Vision’s missions is to help folks around the world learn to fix their compromised website, as well as help others fix theirs. We wish to start a program to help those who wish to learn hack repair. In order to do so, we want to design a curriculum that will help people learn to fix hacked sites. In order to do that, we will be using files from sites that we’ve serviced. Site identities will always be removed, so no one will ever know your identity. Those who are paying in full for services can request that their files not be used for this purpose, but we would really appreciate it if you didn’t. You’ll be helping to create a safer web if you allow us to use these files as a teaching tool. Thank you in advance for your cooperation in assisting w/this important project.